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Susan Bonitto Managing Director

Tel: +44 (0)20 8807 5088
Email: info@suemo.com
LinkedIn: Susan Bonitto

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Suemo Entertainments Limited is registered in England & Wales with Company Registration Number 04881252.
Registered address:
22 Empire Avenue, London N18 1AD

Our clients say

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Susan Bonitto on Trevor Nelson’s Lowdown for BBC 2. Not only was she a terrific person to work with, Suemo also consistently produced results securing the finest talent in rap and r’n’b throughout the series both in the UK and the US. One of Susan’s greatest qualities is her honesty. If she said something would be done, it would get done. If she was asked for a booking which she thought may be difficult she would alert you to the possible obstacles which might be encountered. Whether the outlook was optimistic or pessimistic Susan always seemed to find a way to get results. I look forward to working with her again. It was an absolute pleasure which I hope to repeat many, many times."
  • Carlton Dixon, Producer/director, Trevor Nelson’s Lowdown